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The Pain of The Chest

Apart from heart disease, there may be chest pain and severe pain. When he came to the doctor with chest pain, he was sure that he had such a pain due to cardiovascular disease. When the fear of cardiovascular condition is canceled, the physician tried to find out the cause of pain in the chest and took treatment steps. Chest pain without heart conditions can be people of all ages.

There is no difference between such a pain in women or men. It has been found that more than four times more patients come to the pain of chest pain than any other chest pain. There is the occasional pain in this type of pain. Can tell the patient exactly where the pain is right. Besides, this pain is not spreading. The patient can do general work. In other words, patients do not have any difficulty in doing normal work despite chest pain. These types of patients usually go to the heart specialist in the first place, or they are advised to go to such a doctor. The reason for doing this, in general, is that it is not possible to understand the pain in the chest, whether it is a disease or something else. So, the patient was asked to be referred to a heart specialist or hospital. There may be chest pain for many reasons. Due to any muscle aches, this pain may be due to the bone.

There may be due to an injury in the chest. Besides, new pain caused by old pain may cause chest pain. There may be chest pain for eating some types of medicines, even for lung problems. However, it can be seen that chest pain is usually due to various problems with food. Our stomach has acid in order to digest food. Sometimes these acids come to the diet. As a result, the chest or throat can burn. This pain may be felt beneath the bone of the chest. The type of chest pains that arise from book irritation can usually occur after eating.

The Pain of The Chest
Picture: The Pain of The Chest

Such pain lasted for several hours. Many people can have pain due to fear or panic. There may be symptoms of frequent breathing symptoms such as chest pain. Maybe severe sweat. The chest can fluctuate, which means heart work can increase. Due to several types of problems in the diet, sometimes there is difficulty in swallowing food and simmering extreme pain. After we went to the food, dietary muscles kept feeding the food downwards. But in some people, the diet has lost this combination. And it may cause severe pain in the chest.

This pain gets better if you put a medicine called nitroglycerin on the face. Such pain is sometimes used to reduce serious cardiovascular pain, such pain sometimes creates a serious misconception. Children with chronic chest pain may also have pain. Babies can be suffering from this type of pain, and it may happen for many reasons. However, if there is any problem in any of the organs that are present in the heart of the heart, this can lead to chest pain. Birthdays of many children are smaller than the dietary needs and these children may have chest pain. There is no fault in the pain of chest pain due to heartache if it is running to the doctor or the hospital. But there is a pain from heartbreak, but it does not go to the doctor or hospital, it can be a great problem. And one of the ways to understand that the pain is not acute or heartbreaking is that cardiac pain is in one place of the chest.

With the finger, the patient can say exactly where the pain is. Such pain does not spread to all the chest, neck or left hand or left side of the body. Non-cardiac pain generally does not cause any kind of danger. In addition to this type of pain, the first thing to do is to find out what causes the patient to be healing after treatment.

Author: Chest Disease Expert and prothom-alo

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