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How to save data on Android phones

mobile data plans

Many mobile phones are expected before the end of the data. Spend a few minutes and a few system settings to customize the app can save some data.   Chrome Data Saver Google’s Chrome browser has a Data Saver feature, which takes two seconds to turn on. When turned on, ...

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how to speed up google chrome

speed up google chrome

Almost half of the world’s Internet users used Google Chrome to visit the website. So it is at the top in terms of popularity, it goes without saying. Again reduces the speed of the computer that has a reputation to keep open many tabs together and a lot of unnecessary ...

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How to install blogger Template

Google is the owner of the Blogger. Google provides many blogging tools for free to Blogger account holders. You can get many free templates or paid templates. You can also use third part templates. The format of the templateS is .XML. If you change your blogger themes, just upload the ...

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