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How to Save Your Phone Battery

how to save your phone battery

Several apps into the phone to charge faster. These include battery saver app, Facebook, antivirus, photo editing and some gaming apps. To uninstall the app on the phone could no longer hold a charge well. Analysts said the smartphone battery or charge retention is important for the users. However, depending ...

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How to Stop Smartphone Addiction

smartphone addiction

Many do not go a day without their smartphones. Many people are now faced with this reality. Some people are overwhelmed throughout the day in the eyes of smartphones. The most terrible thing that many people do not talk to people around the touch-screen smartphone at the time was passing. ...

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How to keep Android Phone safe

Phone Factory reset

Smartphones have become part of the digital life. Smartphones are now all the time with people. In addition to phone contacts with photos, videos, e-mail, and the number is to preserve as many jobs. If anyone wants to give away or sell his personal phone, the phone all the information ...

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How To Protect Your Computer

Every user should think about computer security. Viruses, worms, hacking, data theft can be prevented in accordance with the rules. Thus, to increase computer security. Firewall: A firewall is a special type of software systems. It monitors incoming and outgoing Internet connections. Hackers simply unlocked a firewall to prevent attacks ...

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How to Repair PenDrive

From one computer to another computer, the pen drive is faster data transfer. Sometimes the place of the pen drive (storage) has not seen the exact amount. I mean, maybe 7.75 or 7.79 GB 8 GB pen showing. The operating system, file system, convert the pen and, depending on system ...

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How to Use Prisma for Android


Prisma popular iPhone app for Android users now have access to. The app can convert images prisma artwork or crafts. IPhone app is the most downloaded app in the top prisma. Available in iOS platform, but Android users were waiting for.   Recently, beta or test version for Android prisma ...

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How to turn off auto-play videos

Sometimes, the Facebook newsfeed scrolling mouse friends to share videos can be automatically turned on. It becomes quite irritating. Some of the changes have brought web browser settings will automatically turn off the video. Facebook Video: Facebook login. Click the arrow icon in the upper corner of the right side, ...

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How to make more easy to use Google Chrome

speed up google chrome

Internet Web browser software around the world has made a lot easier. If you’re using Google Chrome browser, the more easily it is necessary to apply some of the techniques you can work faster. There are some shortcuts and hidden features of Google Chrome. You will be faster browsing speeds. ...

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