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How to speed up External Hard Drive

External devices (External devices) are quite useful to transfer information from one computer to another computer. But, except when it takes longer than necessary to transfer data. Typically, Windows exits the quick removal information transfer mechanism for transmitting information to external devices. As a result, the right caching system is ...

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How to Save Time in Windows

Operating system Windows 7 and above can be used to make some tasks easier and faster for different tasks. Here are some of the techniques- Create new folder To create a new folder in Windows Explorer, right click on New and select New Folder and then create it. But you ...

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How to Fixing Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10

Fixing Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10

Do Windows Operating System Users Know the Biggest Experience? ‘Blue Screen of Death’ or blue screen error. There are fewer users who are not experiencing this. This is also the biggest experience of all Windows users in the world. When this happens, all the work of the computer stops or ...

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How to Partition USB Flash Drive

Different types of data can be mounted on a portable basis or on a hard drive of a computer’s CPU. These separate partitions are also known as each drive. Users can conveniently place important data or software in a drive and then drive movies or video files to another drive. ...

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How to Hide Your Call Number on an iPhone

iphone caller id setting

    Hide Your Phone Number on an iPhone Step-1: Go to Home Screen and Click iPhone’s Settings.   Step-2: Now select the Phone down the menu.   Step-3: Next you need to Select Show My Caller ID option.   Step-4: Turn Off the Show My Caller ID.   Now your phone number will not show ...

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Why my Facebook account is disabled

fb account disable

Facebook is the largest Social Media in the World. It has many users. Nowadays Facebook closed many Account and they well continue to disabled the fake id. There are many reasons to disabled account. Posting content that does not follow the FB Terms Do not use real name Impersonating someone ...

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How to Facebook Account Recovery

The growing popularity of Facebook, as Facebook is going strong in adhering to the rules. Facebook is a slight deviation from the rules as soon as the account is closed and disabling events. In most cases, closing accounts can be recovered quickly. But Facebook is a matter of safety, then ...

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How to Setup Gmail 2 Step Verification

two factor authentication

Sometimes Our Gmail account was hacked. But we can easy to protected this hack by usings google  2 Step Verification. You need a smartphone and install the Google Authenticator apps. The Google Authenticator produce a code that valid only 30 seconds and the code change after 30 seconds. When you ...

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How to Save Your G-mail Accounts

Be careful when logging into Gmail. Gmail users to trap a new online scam or fraud experts advise caution. This being said the G-mail phishing. A man has deceived many technology traps. WordPress security service chief executive Mark Mandara was looking for this scam. According to him, scams experienced technical ...

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