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How to Use Roses for Skin Care

Roses is a very beautiful flower. It is not only beauty but also you can use it on your skin care.

Pack for facial skin

You can make a pack by mixing rosemary with 1 teaspoon of rosemary and one-fourth of a teaspoon of honey. If you do not get Rama, you can also work with flour. However, the use of raja is good results.

The mixture of rose paste, milk, honey, and saffron can be used as a pack. Using this pack the skin is shiny. The scars are also reduced.

l Mix packs of rose paste, oats, milk and honey, can be made in packs.

l Keep 15 minutes after pressing the face. Use FacePack one day a week. Not more than that, additional use may be reversed.

Want a natural clinker?

If there is excessive sunburn, you can use rose paste as a natural clinker. Make a mixture of rose paste and milk for normal and dry skin. If the skin is oily, use a mixture of Yogurt instead of milk. After making a mixture of your skin-friendly clarinets, you can keep the fridge in the refrigerator for a week. Wash this with a light massage on the skin after a light massage on the skin every day. It does not require any extra artificial clarinet when using it. By using this mixture, the skin tone becomes shining up to two to three feet (shade).

Lip Glow

First, mix the juice of sugar and lemon juice and squeeze the lip lightly. As a result, the dead skin of the lips came up. Then add a rose paste and honey mixture to the lips. After 10 minutes wash with water. The red rose is the most effective for the pink cover. Rosacea and honey are used every day to remove blackishness in the lips, pink blooms. But scrubbing it a day in a week. And for seven days, you can put the rose paste and honey mixture in the fridge by the glass jars.

Elbow stains?

When the elbows are sprayed, apply the mixture of rose paste, olive oil, honey and lemon juice to the stain. Wait 10 minutes. Then scrub with sugar for 5 minutes. It takes a total of 15 minutes. Use the mixture in two days a week.

As a body scrub

You can use 1 tablespoon of rose paste, half a cup of coconut, 2 tablespoon rice powder and 1 teaspoon honey mixture as a body scrub. Use the mixture in one day a week.

Find out more about some things

After making any pack with rose paste, wash it well with water only. Do not wash with soap or fuchsia. It causes skin damage.

After washing the pack, you must apply moisturizer. Packs can be made from any color pink. But the red rose is the best to bring pink shine on the lips.

The chemicals are stored for the storage of imported rose flowers. So it is better not to use these flower petals directly. The best is to use the organic rose flower. However, if it is not available, that is, if you have to use a chemically rosy flower, then keep the petals in the clean water for 20 minutes before pasting. Then pick up and make your favorite pack with them.

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