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How to Use Keyboards Shortcut

Many of those who use regular computers may know that, instead of the mouse, you can quickly do some computer work by hitting the keyboard. This kind of simple method is called keyboard shortcut. There are 10 shortcut types of the keyboard that can make everyday computer usage experience easier.

Quick software changes

If you have worked in multiple software at the same time, it may seem frustrating to give instructions through a frequent mouse. So by pressing ALT and TAB buttons together, you can easily go from one software to other software. This feature will be available on Mac OS by pressing the COMMAND and TAB buttons.

To lock the computer

It is better to lock the computer if you go anywhere on the computer by doing a private or confidential work. No, I’m not telling you to really lock. To activate the virtual lock on the computer, it will be done by pressing the Windows logo and the L button together. In the latest version of Mac OS, pressing the COMMAND, CTRL and Q buttons together will lock the computer.

If you want to stop the software

If you want to shutdown any open software, press ALT, and F4 buttons together. This feature is available in Mac OS by pressing the COMMAND and Q buttons together.

Keyboards Shortcut
Picture: Keyboards Shortcut

If you want to do the opposite to the eggs

In most cases, if you change something while writing to the computer, it can be reverted through the undercuts. However, Redu is used to bring back the severed part. Press CTRL and Y together on the computer and any changes will be redoo. To get this feature in Mac OS, press the COMMAND, SHIFT and Z buttons together.

To select anything

Anything can be selected or fixed by pressing the left mouse button. However, there is a problem with the use of the mouse to select any text or small computer. Keyboard shortcuts can be used in that case. With any CTRL and SHIFT buttons, you can select any direction by pressing the arrow key. To use the facility on Mac OS, press CTRL instead of the COMMAND button.

Go to the desktop

If you want to go to the desktop when using any software, you do not need to stop the software. In that case, the Windows logo and D pressed together, the desktop will be visible.

To open the settings

The general control of the computer is within the control panel. If you want to open it quickly, the Windows logo button and I (i) will come out with simple settings.

To start the task manager

If a computer is usually stuck on a computer, then the task manager is required. The CTRL, SHIFT, and ESC buttons will be activated by pressing together to launch it easily. Task Manager This facility can be accessed by pressing COMMAND, OPTION and ESC buttons together in Mac OS.

Keyboards Shortcut
Picture: Keyboards Shortcut

To permanently delete files

Deleting a file on the computer removes it by pressing the delete button, but temporarily. The file is submitted to Recycle Binay. If you want to delete something permanently, it will be deleted by pressing SHIFT and DEL button together. Mac OS can be permanently deleted by pressing the COMMAND, OPTION, and DELETE buttons.

Take screenshots

Computer screens such as smartphones often require screenshots. To get that facility on Windows Computer, press CTRL and PRTSCN buttons. The Mac OS has to be pressed into COMMAND, SHIFT and 3 buttons.

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