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How to Use Black Cumin

Black Cumin is good for the stomach. There are many more times. When it comes to spice or beneficial medicine, the name of the black black is the name of this fine grain. Cumin is the most useful to reduce weight. Those who eat regular Cumin in the right rules, they can reduce weight quickly, according to a report by NDTV Online. Know the 12 times of Black Cumin:

Black Cumin
Picture : Black Cumin

1. Improves memory and keeps attention.Cumin is great for those who suffer from unrest.
2. Controls the amount of blood sugar. For those who want to keep diabetes under control,Cumin is very effective.
3. Reduction of blood cholesterol and release from high blood pressure.
4. Keeps the heart healthy.
5. Effective Cumin to remove the pain of arthritis or osteoarthritis.
6. For those who suffer from headache, Cumin is beneficial for them.
7. Increases the immunity of the body.
8. Remove acne
9. Great effect to prevent hair fall.
10. Tooth tightens
11. Those who suffer from asthma or asthma problems are also beneficial for them.
12. Black Cumin is useful for rapid recovery from piles, constipation, liver problems or jaundice.

How to eat
How to eat weight, know how to eat Some black cumin grains will start to eat regularly.  Cumin has the special type of fiber or fiber, which keeps you under control. After mixing a little black cumin into the food, the taste increases as well, so also the nutrient quality increases.

 Black Cumin
Picture : Black Cumin

1. With water, lemon and honey: Mix lemon juice in light hot water and eat it first. Now eat some Cumin’s seeds with light hot water. At the end eat a spoon, honey. Another method of eating kalizira is to mix lemon juice with light hot water and add Black Cumin powder. Three-four grams must be added to the lemon and water. Because, if you add more Black Cumin, digestion may be confusing. Then one spoon of honey can be mixed in the water. In this, fat will decrease muscle mass.

2: lemon and Black Cumin: put some  Cumin in a bowl and lemon juice chips on it. If the Cumin is wet then dry it in the sun again. Dana Khan of Kalijira 8-10 times a day. The belly fat will start to decrease.

3. Vegetables: Whenever any vegetables will grill, make chutney or salad, add some grain  Cumin keeping in mind the nutritional quality. It is the safest way to lose weight by natural means.

Never eat too much Cumin at once. This could lead to pile problems. In case of pregnant women, be careful about eating  Cumin. Because the  Cumin body is too hot.

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