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How to turn off auto-play videos

Sometimes, the Facebook newsfeed scrolling mouse friends to share videos can be automatically turned on. It becomes quite irritating. Some of the changes have brought web browser settings will automatically turn off the video.

Facebook Video: Facebook login. Click the arrow icon in the upper corner of the right side, select Settings. Videos- from the list and click on the left side. Auto-Play Videos- combo box to the right of the video settings (Default) from the Facebook video Selecting Off will turn on automatically.

To turn off auto-play video on other websites in the browser settings will bring some changes. Depending on the browser, he was given laws.

Chrome: Google launched the Chrome browser address bar chrome: // settings / content enter . Plugins- under the Let me choose when to run plugin content of the day. Again, go to the address bar chrome: // plugins enter. Always allowed to run– down of Adobe Flash Player- uncheck the next.

Mozilla: Mozilla Firefox browser address bar by pressing Ctrl + L to open. The about: addons press Enter. Plugins- the list, click on the left. Shockwave Flash plugin from the list and find the right combo box to select the Ask to Activate.

Opera: Opera browser will automatically open to stop the video play. The address bar about: config and press Enter. Multimedia– to click on the Preference editor. Allow Autoplay uncheck the next to hit the Save button.

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