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How to Stop Smartphone Addiction

Many do not go a day without their smartphones. Many people are now faced with this reality. Some people are overwhelmed throughout the day in the eyes of smartphones. The most terrible thing that many people do not talk to people around the touch-screen smartphone at the time was passing.

smartphone addiction
smartphone addiction

A few years ago, but the images were not. This was the era of feature phones. Internet access means that the phone was considered a luxury.

Then came the era of smartphones. All changed. What can be done with a smartphone, BlackBerry showed it. Then the iPhone came on the market in 007. People came to the mini-computer. That there is something beyond just phone calls and messages, people came to learn. Since then, the smartphone has become a daily companion. Now you do not have a smartphone has become a problem-nomophobia.

The smartphone has become too dependent on or addicted, they now leave this addiction can start thinking about something better. Addiction can spend in a number of ways.

Notification Decrease

Customize notifications smartphones. Notification will be less, the rate will be reduced to a smartphone

Decrease the phone while using

Minimize the use of smartphones. How many times a day do you use a smartphone, it is set. First, decide on the smartphone will not see more than 0. In addition, eating and talking to people, do not use a smartphone.

Facebook Close

Remove unnecessary apps. Smartphone apps social networking like Facebook and Twitter are worth. If you remove these applications. There are many smartphone apps, which is a waste of time. Removing these apps will save time and charges the phone’s storage, and low indefinitely.

Get off the phone before going to bed

Many people put off the phone before going to bed, although in reality, it does not matter. There is no harm if the phone off to sleep thinking switch off the phone. Once you become accustomed to will help you sleep.

Use wrist-watch

Wristwatches decreased due to the use of smartphones around. When people are using smartphones. Once the notification smartphone, Facebook, Twitter coming. Instead, use the alarm clock alarm smartphone. Go back to the old days of technology spending addiction.

Feature Phone Use

If the fatal addiction to smartphones features phones than smartphones, but start using. A week in a row using feature phones to smartphones return. The decrease somewhat addictive

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