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How to Speed Up Your Computer

Say, experts, decoration and equipment management in Windows 7 and XP, and it’s a bit heavier than the latest Windows 10 operating system. Those who have recently updated their windows, they are likely to experience a little bit slow, especially those who are accustomed to using Windows 7. As with a lot of new settings by changing the speed of the computer a lot of older devices running Windows 10 can be increased.

Speed Up Your PC

Startup Program closed: quick access to some programs automatically with the computer continues to run. These startup items. Many of very limited use. Therefore, from the list of startup programs that useless after you turn off the computer to be able to speed up a little bit. The start list will be available from the Task Manager. Right-click the Start button or the taskbar and select Task Manager or from the keyboard by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc together to launch Task Manager. Click the Startup tab at the top of each program in the list, select the Disable button at the bottom of each day.

Disable Start up program

Advanced system settings: Right-click on the Start menu and select System. From the left, click on Advanced System Settings, click the Advanced tab. Now, the first part of the performance, click the Settings button. Visual Effects tab, select Adjust for Best Performance in the preceding days. Only from the list below to view the screen for eye comfort Smooth Edge of Screen Fonts option, tick the day.

Disabling unnecessary apps: Uninstall the search box on the taskbar to see a list of installed software, search the text, click the option Change or remove a program from the list. Hence the need for the program, which does not selectively delete top Uninstall button. Windows has its own apps, which continues inadvertently. To disable the Start button, click the Settings button. Select Privacy from the left side of the bottom and click on the background apps. On the day of the apps from the list.

Clean hard disk: Disk Cleanup search box on the taskbar and press the enter key on your keyboard. The system drive (C 🙂 drive, or on the click OK. Check the list at the top of the clean-up system files, click on the button below. Click OK, select the system drive again. Check the list again with a new click OK. Then click on Delete Files button to delete all files older unnecessary. The hard disk will be a lot of empty space.

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