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how to speed up google chrome

Almost half of the world’s Internet users used Google Chrome to visit the website. So it is at the top in terms of popularity, it goes without saying. Again reduces the speed of the computer that has a reputation to keep open many tabs together and a lot of unnecessary extension of the use of plug-ins you may have trouble. So here are some quick suggestions. These are followed by Google Chrome speed can increase your computer’s performance.

speed up google chrome

Instruction to speed up google chrome

Remove unused plug-ins

Chrome address bar “chrome: // plugins” and press Enter. Plug-ins list. Do not use plug-ins or less is used, the Disable it.

Keep the rest of the plug-in control

After deleting unnecessary plug-ins is that they are low on the Chrome, can affect the system. Need to be kept apart from the rest of the time they stopped. Settings at the bottom by clicking show advanced settingsprivacy- content settings click below. And from plugins Let me chose when to run plug-in content selected. Since then, like a flash video for your permission before it will take effect plug-in.

Remove unnecessary extension

The extension keeps busy with a lot of computer memory. As a result, the speed of the computer may be reduced. Chrome address bar “chrome: // extensions” and press Enter. Enabled– each side of the extension uncheck it if you would stop working. Click the icon to delete the trash cans next.

Cancel unnecessary tab

Great suspender– can be used as an extension, which is more than the prescribed time, the tab itself is void (suspended) does. As a result, the tab will not occupy memory. Again, if you need just a click enough, the tab will be reloaded. There is only one problem, the website address changes, or if you do not connect to the Internet tab and then the page will not load.

Save browser session

Tab does not suspend the use of a computer’s memory usage can be reduced TabCloud + ( and Session Buddy (– like an extension. With the help of these tabs in the browser, all data can be stored together. And even if there is no problem to remove the tab.

‘Background prefetching’ to keep off

Chrome automatically monitors your browsing habits and then try to understand where you can go. Accordingly, some of the pages are open in the chrome background. The advantages of prefetching. It is the same to close the Show advanced settings– privacy  of Use prediction service to load pages more quickly over the next day to check. However, browsing speed can be reduced.

“Data Saver ‘Use

The website takes more time to load behind the Internet can be slow. “Data Saver” can work. The less data is loaded on each page of Chrome. Data Saver extension down to the address:

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