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How to Save Your Phone Battery

Several apps into the phone to charge faster. These include battery saver app, Facebook, antivirus, photo editing and some gaming apps. To uninstall the app on the phone could no longer hold a charge well.

how to save your phone battery

Analysts said the smartphone battery or charge retention is important for the users. However, depending on the features of the phone, and create. Using the app to listen to music, video, communication, document editing -all by the end of the charge. However, there are some apps that put an end to extra charges.

Battery saver app

Carjakheko app now comes first battery to protect the battery saver apps as the name promises. While on the phone did not work in the background of the app is launched. Turn on the phone by scanning a lot of work is hidden from the user. As an end in itself, and to protect the battery charge.


What happens if popular, but most charge a smartphone by the end of Facebook. Messenger is not. Snyapacyata in the social networking app, Skype, Instagram, and more drained.

Antivirus App

RAM management apps such as battery saver or antivirus scanning app run in the background. So The battery is drained.

Photo Editing App

Who loves to take pictures after editing it, and they keep a portable charger with the course. App to quickly put an end to this kind of charge.

Gaming App

Gameplay is quick to charge that everybody knows. The most forward-D animation games.

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