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How to Save Your G-mail Accounts

Be careful when logging into Gmail. Gmail users to trap a new online scam or fraud experts advise caution. This being said the G-mail phishing. A man has deceived many technology traps.

WordPress security service chief executive Mark Mandara was looking for this scam.
According to him, scams experienced technical users are able to deceive. G-mail in addition to other services of this issue is going to be a snare.
The trap was begging G-mail user sends a mail account. The e-mail was sent to disguise the origin of any known or visible so that his account was hacked said. This may have an attachment that is sent to the person or account before anything looks exactly like him.
Clicking on the preview does not show any of the attachments, but also open a new tab and Google to login again. Whenever you sign it, you will fall into the trap of the criminals. But the events of this hack is not easily understood. Because, as usual, browser location bar ‘accounts.google.com’ can be seen.
How to save
Whenever a sign for the service, then please check the location of the browser and the protocol just did not have notice. Look at the hostname. ‘Accounts.google.com‘ before the hostname ‘https: //’ and did not have to see anything other than a sign of Interior.

Note also, what do these two color green. The two on the left side of the green is not the color of danger. If you can not be sure, however, where the sign was, not what the original pages, who can doubt that. Two-factor authentication could turn. While it is possible for a hacker to steal passwords will be difficult to get into the account.


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