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How To Protect Your Computer

Every user should think about computer security. Viruses, worms, hacking, data theft can be prevented in accordance with the rules. Thus, to increase computer security.

Firewall: A firewall is a special type of software systems. It monitors incoming and outgoing Internet connections. Hackers simply unlocked a firewall to prevent attacks and worms that spread by itself. In addition, many computer security controls. Enter at Run- firewall.cpl Windows operating system. You can open the firewall settings. Activate the necessary.

Antivirus Software: If it is left to the responsibility of the security of computer antivirus software, but of course, choose a good quality antivirus. We have found a lot of free antivirus protection, but they do not have all the facilities. Why not use either, you need to update anti-virus all the time.

Password Selection: Most users are not careful in the choice of e-mail or Facebook password. It is easy to remember, everyone who wants to use the password. But also easy to remember for hackers to guess it’s even easier. So your choice of password keyboard special characters! @ # $% ^ & Overall password (such as P @ $$ W% R #) use. If you can not be easily guessed by hackers or others, so that you can stay safe online.

Be careful on the Internet: Many people can not make proper use of the Internet. No advertising at understanding and refrain from clicking simply unlocked. E-mail spam folder does not understand, click on the link in the e-mail refrain from. Beware of any kind of information and you bring (Download) wants. Do not mistake any worms or viruses stooping? Internet advertising attractive to hackers and miscreants of all time and the dollar tempted to take your important information can grab. So think before you click eye-catching ads . One click either the computer or ever will own danger.

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