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How to protect your android phone from malware and viruses

We use the Android phone virus is a big problem. The virus is a program that slowly destroy any Android phone as well. Android phone is slow due to the virus. The mobile phone has a lot of new speed, but when you are older and do not speed. The main reason of the virus. If you can keep your Android mobile phone viruses will be good. Let’s have a look at 5 ways how Android phone is virus-free.

  1. We have many apps installed on Android phones do. But understanding is not right to install apps. There are some apps that apps are a lot of viruses. These are not just installed. Will be installed before you install and understand.
  1. You install apps from the Play Store. Play store, because the virus does not agree.
  2. “Install from unknown sources” – Keep Off
    Install from unknown sources verified that from any position other than the App Store app can be installed. But there are many security risks. Verify Apps and Keep the Mark. The app before installing any app from your device will ensure the net.
  1. Read permissions before installing the app. This is the best way to get rid of Unwanted App. Permissions are reading to understand what this app can access your device. If you think this is something that is requesting access to his work, there is no compatibility, ah, do not install the app.
  2. Antivirus will keep your mobile viruses. There are many Antivirus Play store, you can install Antivirus. Should antivirus be used? Try to use the paid Antivirus. Paid Antivirus will keep your phone free of the virus.

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