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How to Partition USB Flash Drive

Different types of data can be mounted on a portable basis or on a hard drive of a computer’s CPU. These separate partitions are also known as each drive. Users can conveniently place important data or software in a drive and then drive movies or video files to another drive. Data is easily searchable when it is sorted. What is the best way to share data on USB pens? Many people use pen drive for 16 or 32 GB or more for convenience. To make their work more convenient, it is possible to organize a separate partition and put data in it.

Create a Partition USB Pendrive

If you want to partition the USB pen drive, you will have to use the disk management utility in Windows 10. Windows 10’s anniversary update and earlier versions do not have the ability to partition USB drive from disk management. However, if you want, you can partition your USB pen drive from all versions of Windows Update and above. Apart from other versions, you need to use command prompt or third-party software to partition your pen drive.

From Disk Management

Backup the important data in the pen drive elsewhere. Then connect your USB pen drive to the computer using the Windows 10 Creators Update (v1703) or above. Now click on this PC on the desktop and move the mouse over the pen drive and right click on Properties. If the file system shows FAT32 instead of NTFS, then format it as NTFS. If the file system is not NTFS, then by cutting the Properties window, right-click on the Pen Drive icon, selecting Format and selecting NTFS as a file system and formatting it again.

Right-click on the Start menu when the format is finished. Find Disk Management and open it by clicking on it In the Disk Management window, right-click on the USB drive and then click on the Shrink Volume option. If the USB flash drive is in the FAT format then the Shrink Volume option will not be shown. Open the Shrink dialog and enter the amount of space you want for the new partition in MB. If your pen drive is 16 GB, then for two partitions, write here based on the megabytes shown in 7168 or above. Now press the Shrink button below. This option will create unallocated space on your USB drive. Now right click on the newly created unallocated part of the USB and click on the New Simple Volume option again.

Please note that you are not just right-clicking on the unallocated location of the USB drive. Once the New Simple Volume Wizard is displayed on the screen, click on the Next button. Here again, press the Next button. Now select the drive letter for the new partition on your USB drive. Then click on the Next button. After pressing the last screen next button, the new partition will be created. In order to create as many partitions as possible, follow the steps above.

If you want to delete a partition, go to Disk Management and click on Delete Volume by right-clicking on the disk that you want to delete from Disk 2 Removable Drive and it will be deleted.

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