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How to make more easy to use Google Chrome

Internet Web browser software around the world has made a lot easier. If you’re using Google Chrome browser, the more easily it is necessary to apply some of the techniques you can work faster. There are some shortcuts and hidden features of Google Chrome. You will be faster browsing speeds.

speed up google chrome

The Advance use of google chrome

Omnibox Facilities

According to the browser’s address bar in Google Chrome Omnibox. When you enter the Google search found here. The rush to add, divide, if you need to multiply the number by typing the desired results can be found quickly. For example, if you enter the Omnibox to add 15 + 6 Add the results can be seen. The same rules can be multiplied and divided from the Omnibox.

If you close the tab unfortunately

He went to work off a tab by mistake, but the important thing was the tab! Do not worry, but from the keyboard, press Ctrl + Shift + T or right mouse button to turn on the other tabs in the title bar Reopen closed tab will open when you click on it again.

Task Manager

Google Chrome Task Manager is like a computer  Task Manager. A lot of time together to work with multiple browser tabs can be slow. Launched the Chrome Task Manager CPU and memory usage can be seen. Most use of memory or CPU usage, it is necessary that the tab can stop. Right-click the title bar at the empty space can be opened Task manager. Or press Shift + escape key will open the Task Manager.

Auto Play Off

YouTube, Vimeo, Pandora’s videos or flash files to you if you take it off. Chrome browser, launched in the omnibox (address bar) chrome: // settings / content and press Enter. Content Settings will open. Plug-ins come down to select the Click to play. If you do not have to turn on the Internet a video of the MB will be saved automatically.

Everything will be stored

If you are accustomed to working on more than one computer to another computer, the new settings do not have to separate for Chrome. I wanted the same bookmarks, extension, themes, histrike from another computer, you can use the Chrome browser. In other words, the computer has done the same thing or they do not remember the web address. You can use exactly the same on another computer. Sign in to Chrome in your Gmail account login will be used. If you do not log in on the right side of the browser Chrome Sign in to Chrome and click Settings. When the login menu Gmail username, password, please login. If you have another computer with the same Gmail account to log in to the browser Sign in to Chrome-.

Pin Tabs

A Web address or a link (link) If you skipped the opening day, but you can pin the tab. The tab will be loaded each time the browser is started immediately. You do not need a new opening. To find the desired tab by pressing the right mouse button, click Pin tab.

Incognito mode

A private browsing in incognito mode. If you browse in incognito mode, history, cookies, download the browser will not have any record. Browsing will be deleted at all. Turn on the Chrome browser, press Ctrl + Shift + N to open together. Or click on the New incognito Window Chrome will go to Settings-. Right mouse button on any link or open link in incognito window opens, select the desired link, the browser will not record any. Similarly, the advantage of the same browser you are using two different e-mail, or Facebook account, you can log in. If you have two separate e-mail account, a regular Chrome in incognito mode when turned on, it can not open another account.

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