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How to Make a New Partition on Your PC Dard Drive

Open My Computer from the desktop by clicking on the Windows operating system, C : , D : , E: etc. written in the computer’s hard drive partitions that can be seen or category icons. That is part of the whole hard disk space has been distributed. After buying a new computer is usually one or two partitions. However, the drive may need to be arranged according to the files. When a new partition broke all data will be lost. However, no loss of data from the existing drive with a new drive partition can be made.

What to do

To create a new partition must exist before the drive at least 50 percent did not have space. Computer icon on the desktop by pressing the right mouse button, select Manage. Then click on Disk Management- from the list. Here are all the partitions on your hard disk will appear. If you want to make a new drive on the drive down the right mouse button, select Shrink volume down. It will take some time to run. Enter the amount of space to Shrink in MB to the desired place in the house can be seen. As far as the extent to which place or will take up less space will create a new drive. Another drive will take place up to 50 percent. According to the space requirement (per gigabyte is 1024 megabytes to write), set the Shrink button. After waiting some time, the new Unallocated space on your hard disk as part of the show. Right-click on it and select New Simple Volume. Format partition window will open, press the Next assign the following drive letter- set the drive letter for the rest of the settings and press Next. Finish button when done without losing any data format press will create new separate drives.

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