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How to keep Android Phone safe

Smartphones have become part of the digital life. Smartphones are now all the time with people. In addition to phone contacts with photos, videos, e-mail, and the number is to preserve as many jobs. If anyone wants to give away or sell his personal phone, the phone all the information will be completely deleted.

Phone Factory reset

Many people thinks, the Android operating system deletes all the data required to perform a factory reset on the phone. This is the safest method to delete the smartphone data. But, experts say, without a factory reset of the phone does not delete all the data completely. Some files can be set to storage.

Factory reset the device back to the default state. However, multimedia and e-mail information from the internal memory can be. This information is completely removed in an easy way.

Encrypt Storage Device

Before the factory reset encrypted storage device. After the factory reset data in the form of a file, it will be unusable. To encrypt the device settings from the securities (or related settings) go. Select the option to encrypt the phone. Without more information, it may take a little time. Once encrypted, the factory reset.

Data Overwrite

Factory reset but are usually encrypted and securely delete all information. However, the excess may try to stay safe. Turn the phone back. No e-mail will not be detailed. After setup of internal storage, filling and remove junk video. The free storage space will be overwritten. As a result, the storage of personal information in the past will not easily be able to save someone. Digital Trends, based on Senate

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