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How to Increase Internet Speed

Sometimes the Internet connection is slow for various reasons. But as people are now working around the Internet. The problem is not a lot of time to understand the reason for a slow computer or internet connection. A few steps to increase the speed of the Internet to connect to the Internet to check.

 Increase your Internet Speed

Internet connection test: Your Internet connection is running properly, you can check it easily. Www.speedtest.net at the web address by clicking into the Begin Test– wait a while. How do you speed test is done using the Internet, you can find out.


PC Virus Scan: If a computer virus or malware can slow Internet service with job losses. Scan the computer with a good antivirus and registered. The computer virus disrupted Internet service, the service will not be available.

Turn off automatic update: Computers and many other services to Windows Update to automatically update (update) becomes. If you can not make it off the Internet and sometimes unnecessary costs. To turn off Windows Update, go to Control PanelWindows Update– click to open it. Change Settingsclick to open it from the list on the left side. Important updates to the drop-down menu Never check for updates (not recommended) by selecting the option to uncheck the checkbox below and click OK.

Turn off toolbars and extensions: A lot of unnecessary things on the internet browser toolbars and extensions can be added. The Ask Toolbar, iLivid, including adding a toolbar is a victim of the harassment. Remove them (remove / uninstall), when the Internet service, and do not read lodge.

Byandauitatha increase: Byandauitatha for the Windows operating system your computer is set. If you can increase the speed of the Internet some of it off. Run from the Start Menu in Windows 7 Launch the program. Click here to enter gpedit.msc. Computer Configuration in Group Policy Editor and open the left side of the Administrative Templates– to go to Network– click. Double-click QoS Packet Scheduler– the list to open. Double-click to open the Limit reservable bandwidth– Check Enabled- days. The Bandwidth limit (%) cell 0 (zero) then click OK. The use of the computer to be restarted.

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  1. thanks for the important information. my browsers had too much slow. But now i can fixed my browser and it’s work very faster.

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