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How to Create Hard Drive Partition Without Lost Data

No additional space on the hard disk drive with a new drive to your computer can be made. It is not fear of data loss. Srinka the Windows operating system can be done at the direction of the volume.
Please remember that your computer’s C: / drive has 400 GB of space. This took place in the rest of the drive space, you can create another drive. Before the new partition will see that it did not have at least 50 percent of the space.
Windows 7 Computer icon on the desktop by clicking the right mouse button and select Manage. Manage from the menu window opens, click Disk Management-. Here are all the partitions on your hard disk will appear. Now that the new drive partition or drive down the right-click on the make.
If the C: / drive you to want to break the (C : ), written by pressing the right mouse button, select Shrink volume. It may take some time. Here Enter the amount of space to Shrink in MB: room can be seen in the desired place. C: / drive, as can be seen in place of the more or less space to build a new drive. Another drive will take place up to 50 percent. The space required (one per gigabyte to 1000) set the Shrink button. Unallocated space after waiting a few minutes drive to the new one will be created. Now it by pressing the right mouse button and select New Simple Volume. Format partition window will open, the next key set the drive letter to assign the following drive letter- all the rest of the settings, click Next. The format is completed, press Finish button to separate the new drive without losing any data will be created.

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  1. thanks a lot….
    but i have a problems. I can not make a new drive. when i added a new drive it’s show me a notice and stop.
    what can i do?

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