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Add new Features for Windows Calculator

windows calculator

Recently, the Web-based hosting service GitHouse launched the Windows 10 Calculator Open Source project. The company recently added a feature that has been selected from several new suggestions for the app. windows calculator Technology website Zedintet said Microsoft promised to add new features for Windows Calculator. The company has received …

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How to Use Keyboards Shortcut

Many of those who use regular computers may know that, instead of the mouse, you can quickly do some computer work by hitting the keyboard. This kind of simple method is called keyboard shortcut. There are 10 shortcut types of the keyboard that can make everyday computer usage experience easier. …

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When the power Option is Hide

The power Option is Hide

After shutting down the computer, after clicking on the power option in the Start menu, there are no options of Shut down, Restart, Sleep or Hibernate. What a danger! Then pressing the Win key + X, entering the user’s menu, saw the same status, showing only Sign Out option. Why …

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How to speed up External Hard Drive

External Hard Drive

External devices (External devices) are quite useful to transfer information from one computer to another computer. But, except when it takes longer than necessary to transfer data. Typically, Windows exits the quick removal information transfer mechanism for transmitting information to external devices. As a result, the right caching system is …

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How to Save Time in Windows

Operating system Windows 7 and above can be used to make some tasks easier and faster for different tasks. Here are some of the techniques- Create new folder To create a new folder in Windows Explorer, right click on New and select New Folder and then create it. But you …

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How to Fixing Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10

Fixing Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10

Do Windows Operating System Users Know the Biggest Experience? ‘Blue Screen of Death’ or blue screen error. There are fewer users who are not experiencing this. This is also the biggest experience of all Windows users in the world. When this happens, all the work of the computer stops or …

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How to Update Drivers

Windows 10 start nwnu

When a new computer or a new computer operating system installed on the computer and adding new parts to install the driver software or driver files are. These driver files if you install the latest update to lower or increase their effectiveness, is an advantage. Windows 7, 8, or 10 …

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How Can You view web pages offline

speed up google chrome

The next time you want to connect to the Internet without a website can be seen. Visit the website for the browser software or change some settings will take. How are the two most popular Internet browsers Google Chrome ? it will be here.     Google Chrome There are …

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