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How to Hide Your Call Number on an iPhone

iphone caller id setting

    Hide Your Phone Number on an iPhone Step-1: Go to Home Screen and Click iPhone’s Settings.   Step-2: Now select the Phone down the menu.   Step-3: Next you need to Select Show My Caller ID option.   Step-4: Turn Off the Show My Caller ID.   Now your phone number will not show …

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Why my Facebook account is disabled

fb account disable

Facebook is the largest Social Media in the World. It has many users. Nowadays Facebook closed many Account and they well continue to disabled the fake id. There are many reasons to disabled account. Posting content that does not follow the FB Terms Do not use real name Impersonating someone …

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How to Facebook Account Recovery

The growing popularity of Facebook, as Facebook is going strong in adhering to the rules. Facebook is a slight deviation from the rules as soon as the account is closed and disabling events. In most cases, closing accounts can be recovered quickly. But Facebook is a matter of safety, then …

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How to Setup Gmail 2 Step Verification

two factor authentication

Sometimes Our Gmail account was hacked. But we can easy to protected this hack by using google¬† 2 Step Verification. You need a smartphone and install the Google Authenticator apps. The Google Authenticator produce a code that valid only 30 seconds and the code change after 30 seconds. When you …

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How to Save Your G-mail Accounts

Be careful when logging into Gmail. Gmail users to trap a new online scam or fraud experts advise caution. This being said the G-mail phishing. A man has deceived many technology traps. WordPress security service chief executive Mark Mandara was looking for this scam. According to him, scams experienced technical …

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How to Secure Facebook Account

how to protect your facebook account

First, click on the arrow to the right side into the Settings- click again (directly www.facebook.com/settings). From the left, click on Security-. Login Approvals- edit– Click on the right side. Then Require a security code to access my account from unknown browsers check box. Checking the time when a new …

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How to Update Drivers

Windows 10 start nwnu

When a new computer or a new computer operating system installed on the computer and adding new parts to install the driver software or driver files are. These driver files if you install the latest update to lower or increase their effectiveness, is an advantage. Windows 7, 8, or 10 …

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How Can You view web pages offline

speed up google chrome

The next time you want to connect to the Internet without a website can be seen. Visit the website for the browser software or change some settings will take. How are the two most popular Internet browsers Google Chrome ? it will be here.     Google Chrome There are …

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How to Save Your Data Formatted Pendrive


Files or folders from one computer to another computer using the pen for the exchange of the public. But many of the problems faced occasional use of the pen. One of which is connected to the computer with the format. Remember, you bring the pen drive files to add them …

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