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How to Use Open WiFi Network Safely

Nowadays, Wi-Fi facilities are kept open for the convenience of the common man. Many people write a big font in the shop for attracting people, ‘Free Wi-Fi’. But the Wi-Fi internet provided free of cost can sometimes cause cybercrime. Phone or computer secrets can be stolen So experts advised being ...

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How to Setup Gmail 2 Step Verification

two factor authentication

Sometimes Our Gmail account was hacked. But we can easy to protected this hack by usings google  2 Step Verification. You need a smartphone and install the Google Authenticator apps. The Google Authenticator produce a code that valid only 30 seconds and the code change after 30 seconds. When you ...

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How to install blogger Template

Google is the owner of the Blogger. Google provides many blogging tools for free to Blogger account holders. You can get many free templates or paid templates. You can also use third part templates. The format of the templateS is .XML. If you change your blogger themes, just upload the ...

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